La Suice & Church of The Ascendant

At the bottom of the Western country of Eshor, at the fork of three rivers, a towering city sits. La Suice, the city of Rivers. Goods and services flow into it’s ports and rivers from across the globe – from Braycia in the north to the southern country of Kasnein. Ruled for hundreds of years by a powerful merchant class, money controls nearly every aspect of the city. The wealthy merchant families constantly vie for power in a never ending struggle. But money does not rule all…

La Suice is also home to the Church of The Ascendant. Their headquarters, the massive cathedral known as the Crown of The Ascendant sits atop a hill, looking down on La Suice. Rumors swirl throughout La Suice of a massive vault beneath the Crown where the Ascendants store the spoils of their holy wars and vast fortune collected from it’s follower’s tithes.


- The Church of The Ascendant – Far and away the largest religion of La Suice, The Church of The Ascendant teach that the most humble and selfless will be rewarded with everlasting life. Their followers, know as Ascendants, strive to act with humility in all things. Wealth and luxury in the afterlife are seen as rewards for living a just life helping others. Ascendants are encouraged to shed their excess money to the Church in the form of tithes, which the church uses to spread the gospel and help those who cannot help themselves. Ego and vanity are considered to be great sins, along with the accumulation of wealth. The Crown of The Ascendant is meant to be a representation of the paradise that awaits it’s followers in the next life, and thus is cast in gold and draped in fine cloth.

- Wealthy Merchant Houses – Hundreds of centuries-old merchant families control the wealth and resources of La Suice. The Congress of Commerce create the laws by which the city is governed, and sell-swords enforce those laws. Power is in a constant state of flux as families come and go, marry into alliances, are war between each other. Approximately 9 months ago, the lowest citizens of La Suice rose up against the wealthy houses in a series of riots known as The Commonwealth Riots. Many families were murdered in the streets, their homes and holdings burned to the ground. One of the families to suffer losses in the Commonwealth Riots was House Barrion, family of Kieran Barrion.

La Suice & Church of The Ascendant

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