Sornhriir Aleanviir

Quarter Master, Drow, Person who really runs Asara's boat


“The first-mate, bite your tongue. If you want to meet the first-mate, I suggest you dive off the mast and swim east.”

Broad shoulders a quick smile quickly smooth over the shock white hair and ruby googles covering dark gray skin. Sornhriir has served Asara on her ship since the both of them were young and is dedicated to the bossy woman who saved his life. Truthfully, if he didn’t find Asara’s affinity for fire and ability to exert authority so….appealing… he’d have stabbed her in the back and shoved her overboard years ago.
Despite his ancestry, the crew are fiercely loyal to Sornhiir and would follow him anywhere. Their allegiance to Asara is colored by his dedication, as pirate captains don’t live long without their crew’s blessing.


Sornhriir Aleanviir

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