MeeMee MaMew & Meat

A human noble who seems a little too attached to his cat.




A foppish noble with weapons strapped to his back stands in the hold of the ship, soothing the feline. As his fingers tickle down the creatures fur, he lifts his head from doting and demands the finest foods be served to “MeeMee.”

Seeing you he smiles and invites you to sit. “MeeMee calls me Meat. We agree that it is a better name than Nigel. MeeMee finds you acceptable, so she has chosen you to eat dinner with us. MeeMee is more than you’d think and she says that as long as her meals are taken care of and she finds your journey amusing, she’ll abide you on this ship.”

You look closer at the cat, realizing she’s larger than any house cat you’ve seen, and her eyes seem to have an unearthly orange glow. She seems to understand your words with a wisdom lacking in Meat.

“I gave my shares of the ship to MeeMee. I want to make sure she’s taken care of in case something happens to me,” Meat says.

“Aren’t you worried you’ll out live MeeMee and no one will take care of you?”

This amuses Meat, who laughs in a way that makes you uncomfortable. “Oh no. See, everyone makes this mistake. I don’t take care off MeeMee, she takes care of me.”

MeeMee MaMew & Meat

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