Kieran Barrion (Deceased)

28 - former soldier - lost both legs - deceased


Middle child of the Barrion House, Kieran inherited the remains of his family’s fortune upon his return from the Tripartite War. Kieran lost both of his legs in the war and is now confined to a wheelchair, though he is learning to walk with a pair of prosthetic legs. Kieran’s entire family was murdered in the Commonwealth Riots. Beaten to within inches of their lives, brutally assaulted and raped, finally they where dragged to the center of La Suice and burned alive alongside other members of the wealthy class. Following his family’s death, The Church of the Ascendant claimed his father owed them a large debt. Unable to touch the family’s bank-held fortune, they sacked their home, taking anything they deemed of value. One of the objects The Ascendants took was a stone passed throughout the Barrion family for generations. Kieran has hired you and your friends to retrieve this stone from The Ascendants, and believes it is being held in the vaults beneath the Crown.

Kieran’s hired adventurers were ultimately successful in retrieving the the “Barrion Stone.” What had been described as and also functioned as a Luck Stone was actually a demonic trigger, capable of unleashing a powerful demon when consumed by a member of the Barrion family. Upon receipt, Kieran immediately consumed the stone and transformed, revealing his true plan to use this power to take revenge on the poor of La Suice who had brutally murdered his family. Edmund, MeeMee, Rowan and Asara killed Kieran’s demonic form once and for all.


Kieran Barrion (Deceased)

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