Secret founder of the Church Of The Ascendant


Ancient Red Dragon, missing one toe


Many years ago, an ancient Red Dragon named Ratha thought of a wonderful new way of accumulating the wealth it so desired. Ratha aligned with humans to build a religion based around charitable giving and foresaking personal wealth. The Church of The Ascendant preached that the humble and poor would be rewarded in the afterlife and encouraged its followers to give greatly to the church to aid their charitable missions.

Ratha began as the church’s weapon, allowing them to crush any opposition that rose up against them. As the years progressed, and the Ascendant’s power grew, Ratha took on a new service: a natural disaster for the Ascendants to remedy. Whenever a fearsome Red Dragon razed a village or town, the Ascendants would be there care for the wounded, rebuild, and most importantly, gather new converts.

As the Ascendants grew, so did their wealth and Ratha grew comfortable in the vast treasure vault that lie beneath the Crown.

Until one day a band of adventurers stumbled upon her secret, and stole away with evidence of the Church of the Ascendant’s foundation.

Ratha was last known to be lurking beneath the Crown, smarting over a lost toe and with a strange scent in her nose that just never seems to go away….


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